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Bloomfield Wellness Clinic is your number one choice for chiropractic care after a car accident or injury. We’ve been proudly providing high-quality, personalized chiropractic services in West Bloomfield Township for years, and our experienced team also serves the communities of Novi, Birmingham, and Farmington Hills, among other surrounding areas.

Accidents can strike at any moment, leading to unexpected pain and discomfort. At Bloomfield Wellness Clinic, we specialize in treating injuries associated with vehicular accidents. With our chiropractor car accident care, we aim to help your body recover naturally, minimizing the need for invasive procedures or dependency on pain medication.

Our experts use a variety of chiropractic techniques to address the root cause of your pain, promoting healing and preventing further damage. Whether it’s whiplash from a car accident or a work-related injury causing back pain, our chiropractor car accident treatment and injury care services are designed to get you back to optimal health.

Why Choose Bloomfield Wellness Clinic for
Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, your body might have suffered more than you realize. Not all injuries are immediately evident – some may develop days or even weeks after the event. That’s where our expertise comes in. As your trusted chiropractor car accident specialists, we can identify and treat these hidden injuries, stopping them from turning into chronic problems down the road.

What Can Our Chiropractic Care Do for You?

At Bloomfield Wellness Clinic, we believe in treating the person, not just the symptoms. Our goal is to help your body return to its natural state of balance and health. We provide:


We treat the source of your pain, offering long-term relief and improved quality of life.


Injuries can limit your mobility. Our treatments can help restore function to your joints and muscles.


We offer corrective care to prevent future injuries, promoting overall wellness.

As your local chiropractor car accident specialists, we invite you to experience the difference at Bloomfield Wellness Clinic. We serve West Bloomfield Township and the surrounding communities of Novi, Birmingham, and Farmington Hills, helping our patients recover, thrive, and live life to the fullest.

Contact us today to schedule your first consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, pain-free life. At Bloomfield Wellness Clinic, your well-being is our priority. Let us be your guide on the road to recovery.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a type of healthcare that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. It is a non-invasive, natural approach to healing the body.

How can chiropractic care
help after a car accident?

After a car accident, chiropractic care can help identify and treat injuries that may not be immediately evident, such as whiplash or other soft tissue injuries. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain, restore mobility, and prevent chronic conditions from developing.

What should I expect during my first visit to
Bloomfield Wellness Clinic?

During your first visit, our chiropractor will perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical exam and a detailed history of your health and accident. This allows us to understand your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.

How long does it take to see
results from chiropractic care?

The length of time it takes to see results can vary depending on the nature and severity of your injury. Some patients experience immediate relief, while others may need several sessions before they start to notice significant improvements.

Does chiropractic care hurt?

Most chiropractic adjustments are not painful. However, it is normal to experience some mild discomfort or soreness after your treatment, which usually subsides within 24 hours.

Is chiropractic care covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care, but coverage can vary. We recommend checking with your insurance provider. If you have any additional questions, our office staff at Bloomfield Wellness Clinic are happy to assist.